Vanna Men: A Brief History of Male Models on Game Shows

We rejoiced when Boston model/actor Rob Wilson was announced as the The Price is Right's first male model. Hooray for bare chests adorned with price-tag stickers! Wilson will begin straddling jetskis and wielding Plinko chips for a one-week stint beginning October 15, and hopefully he'll do well enough that men become a permanent addition to the modeling staff. In the meantime, we have a few decades of game show brawn to remember:

$ale of the Century's beaming hunks Gregorio Gaviati and David Gibbs want to strike a deal with you.

$ale of the Century: It's the thinking man's Let's Make a Deal! When contestants correctly answered enough questions on this Jim Perry-hosted jam, they became eligible to win prizes for giving up points. If you're shocked to find this 1980s U.S. game show featured male models, consider that $ale of the Century's main gimmick is tempting contestants into buying personal luxury gifts,

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