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Harris Savides

Cinematographer at the forefront of digital experimentation and celebrated for his avant-garde work with Gus van Sant

The cinematographer Harris Savides, who has died of brain cancer aged 55, brought an evocative aesthetic to films made by some of the world's most adventurous directors. His goal was to capture what he called a "heightened reality" through a visual style that was understated to the point of being subliminal: "I don't think you can ever make a movie that looks amazing when you're trying to make it look amazing," he said.

Savides shot six features for Gus van Sant and collaborated with David Fincher, Sofia Coppola and Noah Baumbach. While directors frequently turned to him for a visual style redolent of 1970s American and European auteur cinema, Savides was at the forefront of digital experimentation. He shot Fincher's Zodiac (2007), the fastidiously detailed story of the real-life hunt for a serial killer

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