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Major Crimes Review: Congratulations, You're An Orphan!

"Long Shot" felt a little unfinished, as if somebody wasn't willing to go all out because they didn't know if Major Crimes would be picked up. It wasn't a bad episode, or even sub-par, I just wanted more from one of my new favorites before I was forced to deal with it heading into hiatus. 

To quote an actual phrase I heard at the office today, which I thought was only a myth, that's all I'll say about that.

Once I got into the case, I tried to be smarter than the show in determining why the sniper kicked off the side mirror. I was so sure I had it sussed out. He didn't want his face to be recognized in surveillance video through the reflection. Yeah, not so much!

I hope police would, a) not give a random dude lisence plate information so quickly and b) take the time

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