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Laura Prudom: Sam And Dean Have A Heart To Heart In 'Supernatural'

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 8, Episode 3 of The CW's "Supernatural," entitled "Heartache."

Episode three of "Supernatural" Season 8 (which was actually filmed first this year to give director Jensen Ackles time to prepare) was basically a standard "Monster of the Week" installment, but like many of the show's best standalone entries, it also helped contextualize the brothers' relationship to help the audience understand what's motivating them at this point in the season.

Up until this week's episode, Dean had seemingly convinced himself that Sam would eventually reacclimatize to the life and rediscover his passion for hunting, just as Dean did in Purgatory, but "Heartache" saw Sam tell his older brother, in no uncertain terms, that he fully intended to quit the family business once they'd found Kevin and laid their Hell Gate quest to rest.

It's both refreshing and a little heartbreaking to see the

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