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Michael Madsen: Wall Street Trader. Trailer for Fabrice Genestal’s Krach

The only thing better than Oliver Stone making a movie about Wall Street is having a French dude make a film about trading and casting a very unlikely character to fill the shoes of the bad guy.

In truth, the story for Fabrice Genestal’s Krach feels a tad out of date (though considering the current state of the world economy not exactly out of touch) as though it’s a left over from the late 80s/early 90s but it has one thing none of its predecessors had going for it: Michael Madsen. Yes, Madsen as a big wig on the trading floor of a bank, facing off against the dude he fired for losing truckloads of money. Can you imagine it? I sure as hell can’t but thankfully I don’t have to because the trailer features lots of Madsen at his office job.

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