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FM 2013: Who Needs A Life Anyway?

It’s often said that the people who commit themselves to a particular pursuit or goal, have a tendency to be a bit blinkered and are immune to distraction. This can certainly be said of the millions who trudge through rain and snow to purchase the latest installment of the Football Manager franchise. More accurately there will be even more sat patiently at home to download the game digitally and not have to leave the comfort of their ‘FM Nest’. I’ve known many a man, and occasionally the fairer sex too, who’ve boarded themselves up with supplies, locked their door and haven’t been seen or heard of in weeks.

Recently an article was published stating that FIFA 13 was the main factor in the break up of 12% of relationships that had ended around the time of the game coming out. Reasons given included gamers suffering a ‘change of

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