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Walter Pidgeon on TCM: Forbidden Planet, Executive Suite

Walter Pidgeon, Greer Garson in William Wyler‘s Mrs. Miniver I mentioned dignified, gentlemanly, and usually a little dull Walter Pidgeon the other day, wishing he had been cast as Jane Powell‘s grandfather in A Date with Judy (1948) so he could (more or less) have dated Carmen Miranda on-screen. Had that happened, you could forget Greer Garson — and Tracy-Hepburn, Ladd-Lake, Loy-Powell, Flynn-de Havilland, Garbo-Gilbert, and Abbott-Costello. Pidgeon-Miranda would have been the movie couple for all time. No such luck, unfortunately. But Walter Pidgeon fans, nonfans, and those who don’t know Pidgeon from Adam can check him out on Thursday on Turner Classic Movies. Thirteen Pidgeon films will be presented as part of TCM’s “Summer Under the Stars” series, though nothing "new," like, say, A Most Immoral Lady (in case it still exists), Big Brown Eyes, or Sextette. [Walter Pidgeon schedule.] But there’ll always be Greer Garson, with whom Pidgeon

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