Episode Review: Elementary - 1.03: "Child Predator"

I’m starting to wonder, as delve three episodes in, if Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) will ever *not* get his guy. Oh sure, in Sherlock lore, there are a few baddies who escape our intuitive genius (and I am fascinated to see how they’ll find a way to work Moriarty into this incarnation and who’ll they’ll cast for him… or her). But in two episodes now, we’ve seen Holmes seemingly *get* his guy only to almost loose out to a technicality in the law, and then get him again on a separate charge in the end. I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as he gets him, but still. I think I’d like to see what Holmes does when he losses. If anything, this episode was creepy. Child predator cases tend to be the most intense (and anybody who’s spent years watching

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