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Trailer and images for Indican Pictures' 'Circle'

Check out the trailer for Indican Pictures' "Circle" which hits theaters in NY and Chicago next week and goes to DVD by end of year. Silas Weir Mitchell, Jason Thompson, Gail O’Grady, Peter Onorati, America Olivo, Michael Deluise and Ryan Doom star. Michael W. Watkins directs from the writing by Brad Tiemann. The film is produced by James Allen Bradley, Joe Dain, Luke Daniels, Brian Ransom and Brad Tiemann. Time is running out, for everyone When sociopath James Bennett (Silas Weir Mitchell, Prison Break, My Name is Earl) commits a series of brutal murders and then escapes a maximum security mental hospital, the FBI teams up with the U.S. Marshalls to stop him. Unfortunately Bennett is going back to his childhood home, where six graduate students are studying his surroundings for their thesis. Aided by Dr. Green (Gail O'Grady, NYPD Blue, Boston Legal, Deuce Bigalow) the authorities now must unravel a sociopaths mind,

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