Snipes, Lawrence, Dudikoff? This may be the greatest B-movie… Ever!

Variety are reporting that Wesley Snipes (Passenger 57), Joey Lawrence (Blossom) and Michael Dudikoff (American Ninja) are to team up for the film Havana Heat, which centers on a Homeland Security agent based at Guantanamo who’s murdered while undercover in Havana…

…where betrayal and intrigue take place against a backdrop of crumbling colonial architecture and vintage American cars.


Also set to star in the film, which is beind directed by Dean Hamilton (who for those that don’t know, was responsible for the Pamela Anderson / Denise Richards flick Blonde and Blonder), are mixed martial arts fighter Heath Herring, Zulay Henao (Fighting), Lorena Rincon (Stuck) and Raul Julia-Levy (Epoch) plus Bollywood star Nicholas Brown (Kites).

Now I don’t know about you guys, but Havana Heat sounds like B-movie heaven to me! Snipes and Dudikoff in the same film? Genius! Now lets see more action hero pairings – it worked

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