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Smallville: Darkseid’s Master Torturer And Master Manipulator Have Been Cast

As Darkseid will be the big bad for the tenth and final season of the CW’s Smallville, it’s only natural that his followers be present as well. The latest casting news for Smallville enlists Steve Byers (Dresden Files, Mutant X) to play Darkseid’s master torturer, Desaad, and Michael Daingerfield (Supernatural, Iron Man: Armored Adventures) to play the role of Glorious Godfrey aka Gordon Godfrey, Darkseid’s instrument of mass persuasion.

[Above: Steve Byers at left and Michael Daingerfield at right.]

Both Byers and Daingerfield are scheduled to appear along with Laura Vandervoort as Kara aka Supergirl in the fall season’s third episode, aptly entitled “Supergirl”.

Smallville returns on the CW on Friday, September 24, 2010.

[Source] MTV

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