George McGovern Dead At 90 — Former Senator Passes

It's a sad day in America as 1972 Presidential Nominee George McGovern died early Sunday morning, Oct. 21. George S. McGovern, a liberal icon, died on Oct. 21 after suffering from various illnesses and injuries, following a serious fall last December, said family spokesman Steve Hildebrand. George, a war hero who opposed the Vietnam War, famously ran against President Richard Nixon in 1972, but ultimately lost the campaign. George was a three-term U.S. senator from South Dakota. President Barack Obama remembered George in a statement Sunday as "a statesman of great conscience and conviction." "He signed up to fight in World War II, and became a decorated bomber pilot over the battlefields of Europe," the president said. "When the people of South Dakota sent him to Washington, this hero of war became a champion for peace. And after his career in Congress, he became a leading voice in the fight against hunger." Our

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