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Tadff 2012: ‘Grave Encounters 2’ counter-intuitive on two fronts

Grave Encounters 2

Directed by John Poliquin

Written by The Vicious Brothers

Canada/USA, 2012

Remember when The Blair Witch Project caused a bit of a kerfuffle back in 1999? Thanks to a potent concoction of viral and apocryphal marketing, the film caused a bit of a furor amongst the movie-going public, with heated debates over the story’s strongly implied authenticity. However, by the end of the movie’s fifteen minutes of fame, even the most ardent of the ‘it’s real’ crowd succumbed to reason and accepted it as a work of fiction. Now, imagine if those fifteen minutes were stretched to a hundred, and into a film that tries to prove the veracity of itself and the contended sequence of events it’s documenting, while simultaneously looking like a clichéd found footage horror movie, and you have Grave Encounters 2, the sequel to the marginally effective 2011 predecessor.

In it,

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