Jay Cutler Proved Nothing Against The Lions

When Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh violently sacked and slammed Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler to the turf, Chicago fans collectively held their breath. Cutler laid motionless for a few moments before jogging to the sideline. Whew… Thoughts of last year and the season ending injury to the Bears Qb were swirling through fans minds. Crisis averted.

Cutler sat out the mandated one play, then returned to the game, only to be replaced again the following series. Bears fans again feared the worst. Reports started trickling out that he was heading into the locker room to check on a possible rib injury. Bears fans again started getting nervous. Even though the Bears upgraded their backup Qb situation with the signing of veteran Jason Campbell, Chicago fans thought about the 5 straight losses after Cutler was hurt in 2011. This season could be lost.

It was only after halftime that Bears finally

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