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Tadff 2012: ‘Game of Werewolves’ is not a complete howler

Game of Werewolves

Written and directed by Juan Martínez Moreno

Spain, 2012

A hundred years ago, a nymphomaniac queen kills an entire band of gypsies after forcibly having sex with one of the members and getting pregnant, hoping to keep the lineage of the lovechild a secret. With her dying breath, the wife of the sexually assaulted gypsy man (because he was raped) curses the family by promising that the baby will turn into a werewolf when he’s ten years old.

Flash-forward to the present and Tomàs Marino (Gorka Otxoa), a self-important writer and a descendant of the rapist queen, goes back to his hometown to receive some kind of recognition for his work. Unbeknownst to Tomàs, the villagers, including his mayor-priest-uncle, plan on sacrificing him to the aforementioned werewolf that they managed to trap in a barn. With the help of his sheep loving chum Calisto (Carlos Areces), his

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