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Letters: Films lost and found

Mauritz Stiller's silent movie masterpiece Erotikon – one of David Thomson's "10 lost works of genius" (The films that time forgot, Film & Music, 20 August) – has been beautifully restored by the Swedish Film Institute in Stockholm as part of a handsome box set of recently restored films from Sweden's "golden years" of cinema (1917-24). These include two more Stiller masterworks, Gösta Berlings Saga and Herr Arnes Pengar, and two directed by Ingmar Bergman's mentor, Victor SjöströmTerje Vigen and The Phantom Carriage – who, like Stiller (says Thomson), "needs to be recovered". In fact, Sjöström enjoyed a two-month retrospective of his work at the National Film Theatre (BFI Southbank) in 2004. Another "lost" Stiller film, the Gunnar Hedes Saga, will play at the BFI London Film Festival in October. The recovery of these two geniuses of cinema is well under way – indeed, they never really vanished.

Clyde Jeavons

Archive consultant, London Film Festival

World cinemaSweden


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