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Fear FactoryThe Industrialist || Review

Industrial metal band Fear Factory is back with another release, The Industrialist. Much like their previous album, Mechanize, The Industrialist takes the band's music and futuristic story telling to the next level. The new album features a story much like their 1999 concept album Obsolete. The futuristic science fiction story, which is presented in the CD booklet, follows the main character, known as "The Industrialist." The music for The Industrialist is brilliant and brutal, which is more or less what you expect from Fear Factory. There was once again a line up change for the band's newest release and the only members involved with this outing are vocalist Burton C. Bell and Dino Cazares on guitars. The drum and bass tracks are programed and arranged. Despite lacking musicians, the album does not lack any of its Fear Factory potency.


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