There's Nothing Particularly Thrilling or Dangerous About This "Snowmageddon"

If you’re going to call your film Snowmageddon, you really need to deliver on the frosty destruction above all else, but instead the made-for-tv Syfy movie gets bogged down in hapless melodrama and a contrived holiday plot that distracts what audiences want to see when they buy a film with this kind of title. Every now and then we get a few minutes of bad CGI terror as killer snowballs fall from the sky and giant spikes (what these have to do with winter or snow is beyond us) jut up from the ground, but they’re scattered throughout a story about a sparsely populated cast that we’re never given a chance to care about. Throwing in a familiar face like Laura Harris (Dead Like Me, 24) doesn’t help either since the disappointment over the weak element of destruction is quite overpowering.


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