Anne Fontaine Offers a 'Nightmare' Scenario for Huppert and Poelvoorde

Anne Fontaine, a filmmaker who hasn't had many problems exporting her films to the U.S. (Nathalie..., The Girl From Monaco), has began shooting her 12th feature film this week. The unlikely rom com tale about the fusion of two families stars Isabelle Huppert and Benoît Poelvoorde, who was in Fontaine's last film, Coco Before Channel. Co-scripted by Fontaine and Eric Mercier, My Worst Nightmare begins when Agathe (Huppert) takes in Tony, her son Adrien’s best friend, she doesn’t realize it at first, but her life ends up being turned upside down. Behind every child, there are always the parents, in this case a father with no job security, Patrick (Poelvoorde), who is as coarse and brazen as Agathe is cerebral and self-composed. Patrick, who is initially hired to do some work on the house, ends up doing much more: having indirectly caused Adrien’s father to run off with his social worker,

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