Geek shows and movies on UK TV in the coming week

The Deep comes to an end, Burn Notice season 3 starts in the UK, The Bill finishes for good and there are some cracking movies too...

We start our lead into the bank holiday weekend with news of a series start-up for a show we watch week on week, but haven't covered much in these pages. Burn Notice launches into its third season on these shores on Wednesday, September 1st with Friends And Family on FX at 10:00pm.

Michael Westen the burned special ops spy's story is a continuing saga, so to see where things left off, first watch season 2's finale, Lesser Evil, tonight, Friday August 27th at 11:00pm on FX and you'll be prepped for what's next for Michael, Mom, Fiona and Sam Axe, a classically heroically fabricated name if ever we heard one and he's played by Geek favourite, Bruce Campbell.

If The Deep hasn't given you that sinking feeling (yes,

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