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Top Ten Movie Priests Gone Wild

Priests are, of course, mostly holy. It's their job. But sometimes they cross over into holy-terror territory -- especially at the movies. Hollywood has given us myriad examples of men who find themselves in ungodly realms. Robert Rodriguez's latest, Machete, features Cheech Marin as gun-slinging, revenge-seeking Padr. He's just the latest in the canon of priests gone wild. 10. Father Brian Finn (Edward Norton), Keeping the FaithA lovesick priest, a woman from his past, and a well-stocked liquor cabinet. What could go wrong? As a confused man of the cloth, Norton makes an ill-advised pass at an old friend. She rejects him. He's a priest, for heaven's sake. And so he spends a drunken night staggering around before confronting his romantic rival (Ben Stiller) and socking him in the jaw. He also chokes on incense and sets his alb afire, but that's unintentional. 9. Frank Jr. (Martin Shakar), Saturday Night FeverShakar played a small,

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