Hushed Roar: Trailer and movie out now


Calvin Li

Liu Yun

Li Liqun

Kelly Chu

Gao Zifeng

Wang Pei

Shibuya Tenma

Wu Zhoutong

Yao Zengqiang

Zou Benben

Chi Lei

Directed By: Xiao Feng

Type: Drama / War / history

Hushed Roar is the latest release to be catching the eye of the public and critics, the movie is set post-80′s through a modern girl’s eyes, focusing on the Zhongtiao Mountain Battle which lasted more than a month in 1938.

“Silent roar” Title of inspiration from the “Book of Changes”. Screenwriter Wang Haiping explained: “‘roar’ and ‘silent’ meaning the two complement each other, ‘roaring’ representatives Vigorous ‘silent’ on behalf of social commitment, passing out in the traditional culture of masculinity and femininity. Films filled passionate heroism and tenacity forbear humanitarian feelings, this is the “Roaring silent” truly humbling place. “

Hushed Roar has just been released on the big screen in Asia.

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