'Baggage Battles' Season 2 travels beyond lost and abandoned luggage

Tucked between the 405 Freeway and the Pacific Ocean, just south of Los Angeles International Airport, is the town of El Segundo. The part of it that's visible from the freeway is largely corporate office towers, mostly aerospace, shopping centers and a Chevron oil refinery.

But head toward the sea, and beyond the refinery is the true El Segundo. It's a charming town of not quite 17,000 people, with American flags lining its business district and quiet, tree-shaded streets that could be anywhere in the U.S.

On one of these is Studio Antiques, so named because it was once the location of an artist's studio. British-born Laurence Martin and wife Sally have owned it for more than 20 years, after former aerospace engineer -- and antiques enthusiast -- Laurence purchased it from the previous owner.

The producers of "Storage Wars" called upon the Martins to do appraisals for the reality show about

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