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Discussing The Future Of Hybrid Films At Cph:dox

“Let’s start before we kill the term,” joked Jakob Hogel during the opening moments of “The Future of Hybrid Films,” a panel that took place last week at Copenhagen’s Cph:dox. Preempting musty debate about the so-called hybrid genre, where various forms — usually documentary and fiction — are combined in single works, Hogel said, “We should be beyond the point of whether hybrid films exist, are dubious or morally wrong. They exist and who cares?”

Hogel’s dismissal of hybrid handwringing doesn’t mean that the issues posed by such films aren’t being debated in the film industry. It’s just these debates are more likely now to concern issues of funding, marketing and production rather than storytelling ethics or artistic viability. Indeed, the question of just how to promote the hybrid film took center stage as commissioning editors and funders discussed the hybrid films they’ve been involved with.

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