Weinberg Reviews Funeral Kings, a Funny, Foulmouthed, Yet Humane Tale

Three 14-year-olds cause all sorts of trouble in and around their Catholic middle school. Sounds pretty familiar, perhaps, a bit obvious, and possibly even downright dull. I mean, who still makes movies about troublemaking teenagers these days? First-time fraternal-twin filmmakers Kevin and Matthew McManus just made one, and it's sort of great. Sure, it's laden with vulgar talk for some easy laughs, but that's about where the simple stuff ends. At its best moments, Funeral Kings is a mixture of Stand By Me, Superbad, the deservedly obscure Heaven Help Us, and a particularly perceptive, enjoyably gritty independent comedy that knows what it's talking about. The town is unnamed and the era is unspecified, but our three central characters are the baby-faced Charlie (Alex Maizus), the...

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