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Have you been watching … The Deep?

The Deep has combined soapy relationship storylines with submarine drama – and produced oddly likeable results

The first time I watched The Deep I knew only two things: it was an underwater science-fiction thriller from the BBC and it starred two actors I have long considered to be among the least appealing performers on screen.

But let's put the issue of James Nesbitt and Minnie Driver to one side. Because whatever else one can say about The Deep, it's not that often that you find British broadcasters investing in an original piece of sci-fi – a genre that is less easy a sell than cop shows, soaps or reality programming. Even given Nesbitt's considerable skills with the Yellow Pages, he'd probably struggle to pick up the components to dress a superpowered submarine off-the-shelf – although the show as a whole has of course borrowed like a magpie from works such as The Abyss,

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