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The sad disappearance of foreign TV | Marianne M Gilchrist

When I was young, European serials offered a view into other worlds. Why do we now limit ourselves to Us imports?

For those of us of a certain age, the death of Cécile Aubry at the end of July caused a nostalgic pang: memories of black-and-white television, mountains, and a dog that seemed to be made out of the fluffy snow over which she bounded. Belle et Sébastien, which she originally wrote, was a much-loved part of my childhood. I had not realised until I read her obituary that Sébastien was played by her son, Mehdi El Glaoui.

What struck me most, though, was remembering that British television for the young was far more international in those days. Dubbed or narrated imported serials, mostly made in the 1960s, were repeated well into the 70s, offering a window on to excitingly different worlds. My earliest TV memories include L'Âge Heureux, a

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