Trailers from Hell: Joe Dante on 'Teenagers from Outer Space,' Featuring Ray Guns and Spray-Painted Flying Saucers

I Was a Teenage Thanksgiving Turkey! week begins at Trailers from Hell with director and Tfh creator Joe Dante introducing cult classic "Teenagers from Outer Space" from 50s indie filmmaker Tom Graeff, who had just completed grip work on a Roger Corman picture before striking out on his own. Indie filmmaker Tom Graeff, inspired to make his own movie after completing a grip job on Roger Corman's Not of This Earth, convinced monster maker Paul Blaisdell to design the dime store ray gun mirror-reflective gags and the beat-up spray-painted flying saucer shell with the visible crack in it for his magnum opus, which has belatedly attained cult status. Graeff is onscreen in a small role as a reporter. A five minute cutdown of this has been a staple of The Movie Orgy since forever.

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