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No-do (aka The Haunting/The Beckoning) Review

While most European horrors are battling each other for shock value, the Spanish still seem more intrigued by the more classical horror themes. And with success as they've proven numerous times before. After [Rec] and El Orphanato more of the good stuff is coming our way. Quiroga is releasing No-Do (retitled The Haunting) upon us, turning what should have been a rather tedious ghost flick into one lovely chiller of a film.

If the name Elio Quiroga doesn't ring a bell it's not because he's a novice but because his films can't seem to land a decent audience (at least outside of Spain). This is about to change as the Frightfest people picked up No-Do and decided it worthy for distribution. No doubt a great chance for someone like Quiroga to gather himself an international audience and to harvest some praise for his hard work.

No-Do is essentially just another haunted house flick.

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