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TV on Tap: "The Walking Dead" Casts a Fan-Fave, "The Mindy Project" Shuffles Its Cast and NBC Wants Hugh Laurie in a Pirate Costume

Nova tries to explain Hurricane Sandy with "Inside the Megastorm"


Starting tomorrow, you can catch up on the entirety of Suits either at USA's website or via OnDemand. I guess I should try to figure out where this business with the can opener began.

Turner Classic Movies will soon have a showcase for some of Johnny Carson's classic celebrity interviews.

TV Guide asks if The X-Factor's mentors are hurting competitors more than they're helping. Inappropriate costumes, bad song choices and unenthusiastic advice are listed as ways the mentors have turned into an obstacle contestants need to overcome.

Brian Dennehy will appear in the final season of The Big C as Cathy's father. Considering how Cathy has had cancer for three seasons and we're only now meeting him, I expect he'll be as awful as the rest of the Jamison clan has turned out to be.

EW reports that

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