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Fantastic Fest Short Film lineup announced

Fantastic Fest has announced its full 2010 short films lineup, including over 40 genre-bending selections from around the world. The festival has amassed the ultimate array of cool, twisted, beautiful, mind-bending, horrifying and hilarious short films. The best short films can pack in more emotion, laughs adrenaline, creativity and flat-out insanity than a million big-budget blockbusters. Or they can show you something so ambitiously horrendous that you beg for mercy.

Fantastic Fest 2010 Short Film Lineup

5 Minute Dating

Canada, Director: Peter Hatch

A dating service where anyone can find their soul mate.

12 Years

Germany, Director: Daniel Nocke

We’re not the only species that needs to endure the wrenching pain of relationships gone sour.

The Astronomer’s Sun

UK, Director: David Bunting

Lovely animated story about a boy and his bear and the secrets of the universe

Atomic Hubbub

UK, Director: Stephen Irwin

Here’s the newest way to enjoy mankind’s impending self-apocalypse.

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