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Fantastic Fest 2010 Announces Fourty Films in this Year's Short Competition

Fantastic Fest Logo 2010Fantastic Fest is moving into its sixth year and the 2010 event will take place in Austin, Texas September 23rd. This year's showings will include over fourty short films, each of which has been listed below. The horror short highlights include the creature feature "Culebra," the exorcist fueled "Deus Irae," the comical "The Legend of Beaver Dam," the dark "La Petit Mort" and undead characterizations in "Only Son." More details on the horror shorts are available below, along with the entire 2010 Fantastic Fest short film lineup.

"5 Minute Dating"


Director: Peter Hatch.

"A dating service where anyone can find their soul mate" (Fantastic).

"12 Years"


Director: Daniel Nocke.

"We're not the only species that needs to endure the wrenching pain of relationships gone sour" (Fantastic).

"The Astronomer's Sun"

Director: David Bunting.

"Lovely animated story about a boy and his bear and the secrets of the universe."

"Atomic Hubbub"


Director: Stephen Irwin.

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