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Thn’s Guilty Pleasures: Invisible Mom

Superpowers affect people in different ways. When Susan Storm was gifted the power of invisibility she formed the Fantastic Four, while Kevin Bacon immediately started raping ladies in Hollow Man. But how did the Mum from E.T. react? Crying in the nude, mostly. This is Invisible Mom, where Dee Wallace Stone embraced her future as Poundland DVD Queen.

When Josh’s scientist dad – played by a homeless man’s Rick Moranis – invents an invisibility potion, the youngster plans to use it to get revenge on a bully. But uh oh, his mum drinks the potion by mistake! God, mum, you’re so embarrassing! The 1996 straight-to-video classic entered my life after calling my name from a bargain bin, seducing me with this stylish cover:

Does Stone use her new found power to clean the house and carry bags with her feet? It would have made a better film. Josh’s mum

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