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Nightscape Review [Nychff 2012]

Welp, it looks like the horsemen of the apocalypse are pimping out their rides, because whether you’re just cruising or turning people into destructive tentacle zombie monsters, why not do it in style?!

Enter David W. Edwards’ Lovecraftian horror piece Nightscape, telling to story of a phantom car, hinted at being a Leviathan type supernatural beast, and the three strangers who must band together and defeat the pearly white racer of doom.

Let’s rewind though, as you’re probably just as confused as I was when the film started out.

Meet El Buitre (Jorge Enamorado Madrid), your average supernatural hunting desperado with a souped up ride and customized blaster. With only his mission on his mind, El Buitre stays hot on the path of our mysterious glowing automobile, trying to contain its zombifying wrath from spreading even further. He’s one of those cool, shady, loner gunslinger types

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