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"Revenge" Episode 209: Trojan Horse

Previously, On Reven8e

This week's "Winter Finale" wasn't as good as last week's flashback, but what it lacked in Adrienne Barbeau it made up for in Ashley's comeuppance, the Nolan and Marco reunion, and one of the goofiest endings of the year. All in all, I'd rank it as the second best episode of the season, and it sets things up nicely for the return next month.

Let's take a look at the individual stories.

Emily/The Graysons

We start with some skeet shooting, because ... why not? Naturally, Victoria is an expert, while Conrad is a bit rusty, but they're really here for the benefit of rich investor Salvador, who holds the key to who will control Grayson Global. If they can convince him to vote no to Daniel's takeover attempt, it'll fail, and the company will remain under Conrad's control.

Victoria and Conrad have other problems, though, as

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