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Rob Schneider Sued For $1.5M

Rob Schneider Sued For $1.5M

Rob Schneider and his brother/producing partner John have been sued by investors over issues relating to financing for the film "The Chosen One," a 2010 direct-to-dvd dramatic feature starring and directed by the former "Saturday Night Live" comedian.

Courthouse News reports that the plaintiffs, George and Nancy Gamble, insist that they put $1.5 million into post-production costs for the movie, and that investment was never returned. They accuse the Schneiders of using the money for "unrelated, improper and/or personal purposes."

Strangely, this is not the first lawsuit resulting from the financial troubles of "The Chosen One." In 2008, the Schneiders were sued for $350,000 by producer Bob Rubin after he claimed they failed to pay him his agreed fee for securing financing for the movie.

The "Deuce Bigelow" star, who made headlines in recent months for his belief that vaccines can cause autism, won't have his "Grown Ups 2" paycheck to rely

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