The week's film events

Jimmy's End | Alexander Mackendrick | Princefest | Barbican Cinemas 2 & 3

Jimmy's End, Nationwide

Alan Moore has been notoriously dismissive about movie adaptations of his comic-book masterpieces, often with good reason. V For Vendetta, Watchmen, From Hell, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: none of them have approached the power of their source material. So now Moore's gone and had a go himself. The prelude, Act Of Faith, and the half-hour Jimmy's End, are the first in what's promised to be a series of films, directed by his regular collaborator Mitch Jenkins and set in the same dreamy, non-linear world. They've generously put it online so you can try and work it out for yourself.

Alexander Mackendrick, Edinburgh

Born in the Us and raised in Scotland, Mackendrick flitted between both during his stilted but eventful career, and the best of his work combines the two national sensibilities. He's best known for his three first-class Ealing comedies: Whisky Galore!

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