Nff Review: Beyond

Director: Pernilla August

Cast: Noomi Rapace, Ola Rapace, Tehilla Blad

Running time: 89 mins

Plot: Leena reluctantly rushes to her mother’s deathbed, and attempts to come to terms and forgive her mother for the horrible childhood she was forced to endure.

This critically-acclaimed film from Sweden is the incredible first feature by Swedish mega star-turned-director Pernilla August (best known internationally for playing Anakin Skywalker’s mother). August has co-written the film, loosely based on the novel ‘Svinalängorna’ by Susanna Alakoski. It debuted at the 67th Venice International Film Festival in 2010 and received the International Critic’s Week Award.

As Leena (Noomi Rapace) finds her way to her mother’s deathbed she deals with childhood memories which become more vivid the closer she gets to the home of her miserable childhood. August depicts a gripping and unapologetic story where nothing is off limits. We’re shown young children having to clean up their parents’ faeces,

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