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Best. Gay. Week. Ever! Fall Movie Preview!

Maybe There's No Brokeback Mountain Or Milk, But There's Also No I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry

The fall movie season is upon us, and while we've already uncovered pretty much everything gay on TV, we haven't yet taken a look at what's gay in theaters over the next few months. But that's partly because there usually isn't enough to fill up a page, much less an entire movie preview article. Sadly, that looks to be the case this fall.

Nonetheless, with that in mind, I've dispatched a squad of AfterElton flying monkeys to poke around and see what they can find. And to make fun of the rest.

What did they learn? For starters, Betty White isn't as nice as she seems...


Easy A

September 17

What's it about? Nice girl gets bad rep pretending to sleep with geeky guys

What's gay? Dan Byrd plays Brandon, a gay

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