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B.B. King: Great Guitarist, Lousy Comedian

B.B. King 11/29/12 B.B. King's   Sometimes, the decision whether to go to a concert is a checklist thing: "B.B. King is 87 years old, has diabetes, and already played a 'farewell tour' six years ago; I have never been to a B.B. King concert; ergo, I should go to this one." Not that there aren't other factors. For instance, is he still singing and playing well? The man has made more live albums than many artists have made total albums, so there's relatively recent evidence -- one of them came out this year -- saying yes. Of course, that album's also plagued by too many guests and not enough B.B., so that was a worry, but fortunately there were no guests at this show, just B.B. and his ace band.

Well, there was an opening act, Alexis P. Suter. He and his band opened with a version of "John

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