Cattleya Combing Universal For Remakes

Rome-based Cattleya, which Universal Pictures owns 20% of, is sifting through the studio’s library looking for titles to remake in Italian. Cattleya’s remake of French comedy Welcome to the Sticks, Benvenuti Al Sud, opens on October 1 in Italy. It’s moved the action to Naples, associated in most Italian minds with the Mafia. The original French film was about a man posted from Paris to the drab Calais region. Welcome to the Sticks generated 500,000 admissions in Italy. Marco Chimenz, executive vice-president of Cattleya, tells me that remaking titles from Universal’s library is easier than trying to remake something from scratch. “Remaking movies becomes difficult and expensive when there are lots of rights holders,” Chimenz says. “That’s less of an issue when it comes to movies Universal wholly owns.” Remaking Uni movies in Italian is part of Cattleya’s push into more international production. It’s developing two news English-language movies into production.

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