Spanish Noir “No Rest For The Wicked” Now on VOD

Winner of six Goya Awards (the Spanish equivalent of the Oscar) including Best Film, No Rest For the Wicked (No habra paz para los malvados) is now available to Us audiences. After an eight-year absence from moviemaking, celebrated director Enrique Urbizu (Box 507, Life Marks) makes a extraordinary return to the screen with this powerful cop drama. No Rest For the Wicked has transfixed audiences around the globe, recently screening to riveted crowds at Fantastic Fest. The film centers on Santos Trinidad (the great Jose Coronado), a dirty and violent cop with a penchant for vice. During a drunken bender, he murders three people in a bar in front of a frightened witness who escapes from the building, successfully evading Santos. While Santos sets out to cover up his crimes, a judge and the police conduct an investigation into the murders, slowly revealing a massive criminal conspiracy. With the thriller's intertwining

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