'Community' cast's Yuletide traditions: Movies, peppermint bark and skinning the Christmas possum

NBC has decided that its comedy "Community" -- about a study group composed of adult misfits in an equally off-kilter community college -- won't return to the airwaves until Feb. 7. Each year, the show films special Halloween and Christmas-themed episodes, which now won't be seen until midwinter or even spring.

But, in the meantime, the denizens of Greendale take a break on the show's sets at Paramount Studios in Hollywood to share their personal holiday traditions and/or favorite foods.

Jim Rash (Dean Pelton; also a voice talent in the animated "Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated"; Academy Award winner for co-writing the screenplay for the George Clooney movie "The Descendants"): "We used to make gingerbread houses (growing up in North Carolina). It's a sugar nightmare. I remember doing it with a bunch of kids in the neighborhood, like Easter eggs."

As to what might happen if he made one for the "Community" cast,

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