Shweta and Shraddha Pandit: “Finally we come together on our album Sister Act”

You have heard their melodious voices separately on many a hit Bollywood song but now Shweta and Shraddha Pandit have come together to create beautiful music. For the first time, you will hear the two fabulous singers combining notes on their album titled Sister Act. We caught up with Shweta and Shraddah and they gave us the story, the grooves and the inspiration behind the music and lyrics for their cool colloboration! Check out what they had to say on all things Sister Act!

Tell us about your new project Sister Act.

Sister Act is the first time both Shraddha and I will come together and sing our own compositions, which we also wrote. Shraddha and I were very clear from the start of our careers that we wanted our individual identities as singers and go ahead with our solo careers as playback singers in Bollywood. We have had similar

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