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Worst ideas of 2012: everything on TV going live

You'd have more fun watching paint dry than The Only Way Is Essex unedited

During the golden age of TV, it was easy to make people watch your programme. There were only three channels, you see, and everyone was so exhausted from working in the mines all day that you could broadcast whatever you wanted and millions of people would automatically tune in. Wobbly-walled dramas. Soap operas about sheep. Colossally racist sitcoms. Anything.

That's all changed. Nobody watches anything at the same time these days. You might watch Doctor Who at its time of original broadcast, or Sky+ it, or catch it on iPlayer three days later, or wait for the boxset…

There is an exception. The five most-watched TV shows of last year were all live – X Factor, Strictly, Britain's Got Talent, I'm A Celebrity and the royal wedding. People love live shows. They're events. They're part of history.

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