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It's a new year, but nostalgia still rules Russian film

Looking back is big business, thanks to Timur Bekmambetov's production company's sly remakes of Soviet-era classics

Nostalgia used to be saved for special occasions. Now it's a neverending business – and not just in the west. Russian blockbuster season opened on New Year's Eve – which, as the start of the winter holidays, is a far more significant deal in that country – and the most important release window of the year for local films is being lined up as the perfect opportunity to get audiences harking back. Top of the pile of this year's releases is a remake of 1971 comedy Dzhentlmeny Udachi (Gentlemen of Fortune), one of a mini-oeuvre of classic Soviet-era films that, over the years, have become required misty-eyed viewing over the herring salad and vodka.

Paid-up reminiscers have Bazelevs – the production company run by Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted; Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) – to thank. They've run up form in

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