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Abortion Meets the Wild West in The Scarlet Worm

Westerns have their constants -- drunken brawls, gunfights, cowboys, barren landscapes -- but the genre is rather malleable and can support all kinds of interesting narrative and thematic angles.  For example, consider the indie western called The Scarlet Worm. It's about, of all things, abortion.

The Scarlet Worm seems to be going for a Spaghetti Western vibe as evidenced by the trailer, its gritty subject matter -- John Ford didn't make movies about cathouse abortions -- and a cast that includes actors such as Dan van Husen (Sartana, A Bullet for Sandoval) and Montgomery Ford aka Brett Halsey (Cut Throats Nine). 

The description provided by the filmmakers is as follows: 

Based on an original screenplay by Western historian David Lambert, the story concerns a cruel brothel owner (van Husen) who mandates abortions on all his prostitutes, seeming to derive some sick pleasure out of the act. A rancher (Ford) with

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