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NBC Taps Comic For 20-Something Sitcom

Remember how in the 1980s and 1990s standup comedians ruled the comedy series world as the broadcast networks were clamoring to develop sitcoms with them? Well, it's been awhile since the last big one based on standup, Everybody Loves Raymond, went off the air, and now networks are looking in other places for fresh writing/acting talent. NBC is taking a chance this development season with a high-concept comedy from up-and-coming comic Mo Mandel. The project, produced by 3 Arts, chronicles what a group of twentysomethings do in the last five years of their lives before the Earth is destroyed by a meteor. Mandel may also co-star if his script goes to pilot. Mandel broke out at the Montreal Just For Laughs comedy festival and has pilot acting experience after co-starring on Fox's Strange Brew last season. Wme/3 Arts-repped Mandel, who recently taped his first stand up special for Comedy Central,

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