13 Most Anticipated Films of 2013

2013 is here. Obviously its extremely early in the game, but the biggest moneymaker of the year so far has been Texas Chainsaw 3D. That says something about a landscape of movies full of reboots, remakes and sequels.What it says is that they work.

Is this a sad fact? Yes, in some ways its a bit disconcerting. In my mind I see a film industry that no longer embraces the original. Just look back at the 80′s and nostalgia kicks in with bitter sentimentality. But if you go back 20 years to 1983 you’ll find six of the top 20 films from that year were also sequels. Granted, six of the top ten films of 2012 were also sequels, the others including one reboot, a comic book film and two films based on novels (The Hobbit can even be classified as a prequel).

Unfortunately we have to come to terms with what mainstream

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