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‘Saved By the Bell’ and Other ’90s Sitcoms All Mashed-Up

Jessie Spano is so excited. Shel's also so scared. The most histrionic scene in all five seasons of Saved by the Bell is etched in the minds of every child of the early '90s. While Joey Lawrence's "Woah" and Pauley Shore's "Wheez the Juice" have fallen by the wayside, Spano's exclamations after overindulging on caffeine pills have stood the test of time. So, if you're someone like Dan Levy and creating a web series that's an amalgamation of your favorite early '90s sitcoms, this is a scene you want to spoof. And wouldn't ya know, Levy channels one helluva Elizabeth Berkley. In the first installment of Atom's latest web series, Dan Levy's Laugh Track Mash-Ups, Levy plays your stereotypical, naive high school student from which all after school specials are made. Dripping with impressionability, Dan dives headfirst into illegal substance abuse with the helping hand of resident bad boy,

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